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We sell Amiga and C64/128 computers, software, hardware, disk drives, monitors, printers, ribbons, mice, joysticks, cables, old magazines (Amazing Amiga, CU Amiga, Amiga World, Amiga Format, Commodore, RUN, Compute!'s Gazette, Ahoy! and dieHard), etc.

 E-mail or send a stamped 9.5" self-addressed business envelope for answers to questions you may have.  If you are unable to print from our website, send $5.00 (in contiguous USA), your name and address for a list of software or hardware.

 All computers and disk drives have been tested with diagnostics and all software has been loaded and run. However, BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Amiga software has system requirements such as: computer model number, operating system version, hard drive, amount of chip and fast RAM, accelerator.

 Product availability and prices are subject to change. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

 Contact us for the shipping/handling/insurance fee (minimum is $18.00 in the contiguous USA) before sending a personal check, money order, cashiers check or Western Union Money Transfer. ALL CURRENCY MUST BE U.S. DOLLARS (add $39.00 for a money order or check not drawn on a U.S. bank).  Idaho residents add 6% sales tax. The package will not be shipped until the check or money order has cleared the bank.


This Books and Magazines page was updated October 7, 2020.

Title                                                         | Price

10 starter Programs from Family Computing (type-in program    |$  3.00

All About the C64 Volume One (learning Basic)                 |$ 10.00

Amiga HARDWARE Reference Manual v1.3 (how Amiga hardware works|$  7.00

Amiga ROM KERNEL Reference Manual v1.3 (Includes & AutoDocs)  |$ 10.00

Amiga ROM KERNEL Reference Manual v1.3 (Libraries & Devices)  |$ 10.00

An Introduction to the C64 (adventures in BASIC programming)  |$ 10.00

Armchair BASIC (beginner's guide to programming)              |$  6.00

BASIC Beginnings (easy BASIC programs & type-in programs)     |$  3.00

C64 (BASIC programs & applications)                           |$  8.00

C64 Color Graphics: A Beginner's Guide (comprehensive instruct|$  8.00

C64 Fun and Games Vol 2 (35 type-in programs)                 |$  7.00

C64 Games (19 ready to type-in games)                         |$  7.00

C64 Programmer's Reference Guide (a working tool and reference|$ 10.00

Commodore 64: Getting the Most From It (information to use the|$  2.00

Computers in Education 1985/86 (issues confronting computer ed|$  1.00

Computers in the Classroom (not CBM specific - survival teache|$  5.00

CP/M Plus Version 3 (User's, Programmer's & System Guide)     |$ 12.00

Creating Arcade Games on the C64 (step-by-step guide plus 6 fi|$  4.00

Creative Programming C64 Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (BASIC computer program|$  4.00

Dictionary of Computer Terms Made Simple (illustrated computer|$  8.00

Easy-to-understand Guide to Home Computers (1982, what it is &|$  1.00

Easy-to-understand Guide to Word Processing (1984, what you ne|$  1.00

Easy-to-understand Guide to Home Computers (1984 new & revised|$  1.00

Everything You Can Do & How To Do It with your C64 (practical |$  3.00

How to Program Your Commodore 64 (BASIC for beginners)        |$  7.00

How To Use the C64 (how to set-up and use)                    |$  4.00

Introduction to BASIC Part 1 & II C64 (BASIC programming cours|$  2.00

Introduction to BASIC Programming (input/output programming)  |$  3.00

Kids and the C64 (BASIC programming)                          |$ 10.00

Kids and the Commodore 128 (BASIC programming)                |$  5.00

Kids to Kids on the C64 (learn to prog. and type-in programs) |$  5.00

LOGO Fun for Apple, Atari & TI computers (LOGO computer langua|$  3.00

Mostly BASIC: Applications for your C64 (Book 2, 87 type-in pr|$  8.00

Old magazine issues (Amazing Amiga, CU Amiga, Amiga World,    |$   .50

    Amiga Format - no Amiga cover disks, Commodore, RUN,

    Compute!'s Gazette - all 1985; all 1987; JFMAJuASON 1986;

    May-Dec 1987; Jan-July & Special Edition 1988; JFMJnJuAND

    1989; May and Special Resource Issue June 1990;  Ahoy! out

    of stock and dieHard)

Pilot (language with software)                                |$ 12.00

Teaching Your Computer To Talk (not CBM specific, a manual of |$  5.00

User System Guide (C64, 1541, 1541-II, 1571)                  |$  9.00

User System Guide (C128, 128D)                                |$ 14.00